Lace Front Wigs Limerick

At Magnolia’s Theory, we sell the best quality lace front wigs in Philadelphia exclusively for women of color. Designed by the most fashionable sisters, Rashanna and Danny Thompson, our collection of wigs, hair extensions, and accessories is affordable, reflects the ideals of individualism, and celebrates black culture.

Types of lace front wigs we sell

As one of the most popular lace front wigs designers for black women, we have different hair extensions from body wave and deep wave to natural wave and full-color ones. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Lace front wig with the body wave - Our range of natural-looking lace front wigs looks amazing on almost all face types and is ideal for women trying to stay with the trends. Our wig has a 150% density, making it look thick, lustrous, and natural.

  • LFW- Ombre (1B/Color) - It comes in 8 vibrant colors and is one of the best natural-looking synthetic wigs with high-quality lace material. The small net in the wig makes the lace undetectable as it melts into the hairline. While we recommend our LFW Philadelphia lace-front wig to women with light skin tones, the lace's transparent color easily melts into any skin tone once we glue it down your hairline after bleaching the hair knots.

  • Lace front wigs with deep waves – Priced at $189, comes with high-quality curly hair and offers several length choices. If you wish to rock the stronger waves look, then this is the piece to buy. 

As one of the bestselling wigs in Philadelphia, we offer free shipping on orders over $50. All our wigs are long-lasting, easy to maintain, and most of all come at affordable prices.

How much does a good lace front wig cost?

The best lace front wigs can cost anywhere between $150 and $200. Our Bobo natural lace front wig costs $131, while our natural full lace wig costs $251.

The cost of a wig can vary depending upon the brand, length, model, material, and type you choose. As a market leader in glueless lace front wigs, we sell the highest quality hair extensions at the lowest prices in the market.

Tips for wig maintenance

When it comes to wigs, you must care for them the way you would take care of your hair. For wigs sewn along the hairline, here are a couple of tips to improve the life span of your hair extension:

  1. Wear a silk bonnet or a scarf when you go to bed to protect the hair and keep it in good shape.

  2. Do not wash your wig more than twice a month, or you could damage the unit. The cue to clean your wig is when you feel it getting sticky, dry, or losing its curl and volume.

  3. Use proper hair cleaning and conditioning products to cleanse your wig. Shop for specially-formulated shampoos, hair masks, conditioners, and other hair care products made exclusively for lace front wigs to improve the shelf life of your wigs.

To purchase our lace front wigs in Philadelphia, visit Magnolia’s Theory website. With the best beauty supplies, we are an affordable online store with a massive collection of hair extensions, accessories, and hair care products. Visit our online store to give yourself a hair makeover.