False Lashes Limerick

Look your best, day and night, wearing the best false lashes in Limerick from Magnolia’s Theory. Our best-selling Mink Lashes are available in a wide selection of lengths, thicknesses, and styles. You can turn heads in a minute just by wearing a pair of gorgeous false lashes designed to stay put for as long as you need them to stay in place. Go bold or subtle, it’s up to you how daring you want to go, just remember that flirty eyelashes have always been the #1 way to attract attention from men.

A Beginner’s Guide to False Lashes

If you’re new to wearing false lashes, you’re in good company; plenty of women want the look that fake lashes can give them but aren’t sure how to apply them. With a few quick tips, you too can be a pro at choosing and wearing long and luscious real Mink Lashes:

Step One: Invest in quality Mink Lashes that won’t let you down. Magnolia’s Theory sells the best Limerick False Lashes at prices you’re going to love. From our homepage, hover your cursor above ‘All Accessories’ and select Magnolia’s Mink Lashes’ from the menu to see our full lash inventory. There’s a lot to choose from:

  • Just a Taste

  • Werq

  • Sunshine

  • Night Cap

  • Money$

  • EasyBreezy

  • Delilah

  • Devil in a Red Dress

  • Le Grand

  • LUSH

  • And many others

Step Two: Beauty specialists recommend owning a minimum of three types of false eyelashes to cover the work environment, daily activities, and night life. If you’re feeling apprehensive about trying out a bold look, start out with a single pair of daytime false lashes. Magnolia’s Theory sells the best false lashes near Limerick for day wear; try Light As a Feather to test the waters and go from there. In time, you may want to expand your at-home selection.

Step Three: Don’t skimp on quality when buying glue to hold your false lashes in place. Our handmade mink lashes are specially designed to stay in place; however, the right glue will ensure all-day wear. For tips on where to purchase a good false lash glue, feel free to contact Magnolia’s Theory.

Step Four: Lift out your lashes carefully from the package, follow glue adherent instructions, and take your time while trying them on for the first few times. Practice makes perfect, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get them precisely in place the first couple of times. Keep trying until you achieve the right look- then go out and show them off to friends and family.

Simply the Best Real Mink Eyelashes in Limerick

Don’t settle for cheap products that look like they came from the dollar store; purchase handmade, real mink false lashes from Magnolia’s Theory for a glamorous look that turns heads. Browse our website for additional beauty supply products:

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  • Real Mink false lashes in Limerick